Human Resources Service Management

HR teams are faced with huge challenges today. HR is being asked to play an increasingly strategic role in organizations, but are hindered with the day to day, administrative tasks.


How will you get to strategy if you’re still updating employee addresses, answering the same holiday calendar questions, or resolving HCM password resets?


You may have already embarked on a review of your internal service delivery model; you may already have a centralized HR function; or you may still be working from spreadsheets and email to get your work done.


It’s time to become effective and efficient.

We are focused on adding value to all of our customers HR interactions, providing subject matter expertise in transactional and consultative HR. 

Your steps to success include:

  • Create a knowledge base to streamline information dissemination.

  • Implement employee self-service via a personalized portal.

  • Make it easy to request support and get access to HR experts (who are experts in the support you need.


By leveraging ServiceNow HR Service Management, you will benefit from scalable packages that can grow with you. Combining case management, employee engagement portal, document management and knowledge base articles means that you can deliver repeatable HR services such as onboarding, offboarding, payroll, benefits and so many more.


Eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction with a single access point for efficient, personalized HR services.

Time to talk HR!