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How Fishbone has succeeded using ServiceNow to run its business.

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At Fishbone, we run a majority of our business on ServiceNow. And like many of our customers, we often think we are unique and that ServiceNow needs to be customized to better fit our business. But, that gave us no excuse to throw out any of our guiding principles. And we’re happy to say that we keep succeeding and increasing our value by sticking to them.

If you haven’t seen them before or need a refresher, here are our 4 Guiding Principles:

  1. Processes must be efficient and well understood

  2. Foundation data integrity is essential

  3. Automation & Machine Learning are game changers

  4. Technology must be clean and (close to) Out-of-Box

Here are our 6 biggest successes and game changers using ServiceNow ITBM, ITSM, and CSM:

  1. Fact Driven Decision Making – Prior to ServiceNow our data was spread everywhere.  Trying to get all of our data to match up so that we could see progress, measure success (or failures), or look for gaps and issues was so time consuming we just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it most of the time.  Now, thanks to Out-of-box Reporting and Analytics, we have real, accurate data that drives our decision making.

  2. Resource Management – This has been a true game changer for us.  We can now forecast our availability and utilization allowing us to minimize ‘gut’ decisions on when we need to hire or when our sales team needs to find targeted opportunities.  This is directly impacting our utilization and profitability as a company.

  3. Monitoring and Controlling our Customers’ Project Budget, Scope, and Schedule. Here is what we've achieved: a. Consistent project delivery b. Consistent and auditable time writing. c. Ability to track approved budget per feature to actuals.No more manual calculations and spreadsheets to maintain this data.  No more tracking at only the project level. d. We can EASILY see where our projects are going off track.  For example at this very moment, of our 27 active projects, every single one is on budget, and we know which ones are at risk and are speaking to our customers about mitigating actions!

  4. Improved Financials - without any additional reporting effort, we see consolidated and accurate financials a minimum of weekly.  At anytime our leadership team can look at the dashboards to see where our customers are at, based on our contractual commitments.

  5. Ability to treat our customers uniquely while keeping our business standardized - We are able to be flexible with our customers on how projects are managed (i.e. Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid) and how we can offer our services while keeping how data rolls up and is visualized consistent.

  6. Easy and low impact patching and upgrades - We don’t hesitate to patch and upgrade our instances.

Every week we get excited at the numerous possibilities ServiceNow makes available to us.  Here’s what we’re working on now (So stay tuned!):

  1. Using the Customer Portals for our customers to engage and keep up to date with the projects that we run for them every day!

  2. Providing more services and visibility to our Managed Service clients.

  3. Integrating Sales and Project Portfolio so that we can pick up projects with speed

Fishbone and ServiceNow - ITBM Partners & Aficionados

ServiceNow offers you consolidated Project, Portfolio, Resource, Business and IT Management in one platform that can facilitate fact-based decision making, alignment and visibility to your strategies and goals, and support operational objectives.  The power of having all your key data in one place is unlimited!

By engaging with Fishbone’s ITBM Practice, you will benefit from our extensive domain experience, best practice recommendations and real-life experiences of our ITBM practitioners, Project Management Professionals (PMP) and implementation specialists.

We’ve got great news! ServiceNow, trusted by IT Industry Leaders, is a true competitor in the ITBM space offering flexible project and portfolio management solutions, agile, scrum, SAFe capabilities, Resource Management (which ties to your projects and operations!) and integration services. And, it gets better with every release!  With an enterprise solution that will delight your project managers, portfolio managers, and executive team, ServiceNow brings visibility back to the workplace.

Johanne Riva Cambrin - Director Project Management Office


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