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How ServiceNow can help deploy your Emergency Response Plan

During these unprecedented times organizations and leaders are looking for assistance to communicate emergency contingency plans. ServiceNow can facilitate this effort.

Leverage ServiceNow to gather data for in campaign and post campaign activities, and use that data for potential Government financial assistance, and auditing requirements.

Here are some insights to make the best use of ServiceNow.

Campaigns using your HR module to:

  1. Communicate regional up to date news or links

  2. Address Company Strategies like emergency response

  3. Provide unique tech support scenarios

  4. Leverage existing data to inform specific groups

Create Knowledge Articles using your Platform to:

  1. Share new/updated company policies to external parties

  2. Communicate situation based processes

  3. Create information banners which link to government agencies, HR, IT or next steps

Build Service Catalog requests to support extraordinary events:

  1. Manage and track employee inquiries

  2. Request and approve leave and relief pay

  3. Request and approve equipment for new remote workers

Use Time Sheets to track pandemic related activities:

  1. Create time codes for quarantine, ill, caring for others

  2. Use time card data for reporting and applying for potential future government subsidies or benefits

Fishbone's ServiceNow experts can help you plan and deploy your emergency response and capture critical data gathered for future planning, benchmarking and resource allocation.

We will continue to share strategies to leverage ServiceNow and workflow strategies to support your organization as you navigate through these turbulent waters.

- The Fishbone Team


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