• Fishbone Analytics Inc.

Using ServiceNow to manage Pandemic related processes.

ServiceNow has launched 4 new no cost applications that can be downloaded immediately through the ServiceNow Store.

Applications include:

ServiceNow Emergency Self Report

Servicenow Emergency Response Operations

ServiceNow Emergency Outreach

ServiceNow Emergency Exposure Management

For companies with the HR module there is also a free Health Alert Employee Experience Pack which includes bonus workflows for fast employee engagement without writing code.  This will deliver targeted communications to employees across all channels providing relevant self-help resources. It will enable employees to request help and be able to assign To-Dos based on employee profiles.

Apps can be found at the ServiceNow Store link below:

ServiceNow Store

ServiceNow's customer care plan for COVID-19

Also, please note that Fishbone will be attending in depth training to help all our customers to install these apps as well as have direct technical support through ServiceNow.  If you would like help with the installation and configuration of these apps, we are here to help.

- The Fishbone Team


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