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What's Up with HR: The Digital Employee Experience

I’ve been told to ‘enhance our employees’ experience’. Now what?

Action Plan for Digital Employee Experience Success

  1. More and more, HR is being assigned ownership of employee experience. HR needs to have a well-defined, clear value statement on what you’re trying to change and why.

  2. Dig deep into your employee base. You’re never going to make everyone happy, but you’ve got to really know who you’re curating this experience for, and what that demographic values most.

  3. Focus, focus, focus! Too many HR teams try to boil the ocean of employee experience. Pick an area that is causing the most headaches – onboarding, offboarding, Parental Leaves of absence – and work that until you’ve got an amazing experience. Then, move on to the next one.

  4. Digitize your processes! This takes time and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Just because you’ve always requested a photocopy of a void cheque doesn’t mean you have to keep doing that, right?

  5. You have to choose the right technology. Focus on enterprise solutions that can be leveraged across multiple teams. Deliver the same quality of experience that employees experience in their personal life – think Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Pinterest and Starbucks.

Fishbone and ServiceNow - your HR partner powerhouse

ServiceNow offers digital and mobile-friendly workflows that unlock productivity and maximize the employee experience by minimizing the personal life to work life paradigm. They can make life at work a whole lot simpler, and even more enjoyable, for your teams. By engaging with Fishbone Analytics’ HR Practice, you will benefit from our extensive HR domain experience, best practice recommendations and real-life experiences of our HR practitioners.

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