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What's Up with HR: The Quest for Meaningful Work

Time to put the employee experience first.

According to a ServiceNow survey of 1,500 people, 81% of Canadian Office Workers need the majority of their work to be meaningful.

So HR, listen up!

Menial tasks matter for morale

Happy employees are productive ones. With an overwhelming percentage of employees who believe that menial tasks will always be around (90%), why do 73% of those menial tasks stink (but don’t have to? ) Time to step in, HR, and lead the revolution for the digital employee experience.

Time to streamline, digitize, and really focus on what matters. HR can lead the way and show how these tasks (think address changes, mortgage letters, updating your annual benefits) can be reimagined into simpler, outcome-based tasks that meet the employee where they want to work; mobile or desktop, while waiting for a conference call to begin or during focussed ‘task time’.

Tools to support employees

Here are the tools employees most want at work:

  • 39% want an internal search engine for company information

  • 14% want a voice assistant for company questions

  • 11% want e-commerce for ordering supplies

  • 9% want social media for the team

  • 6% want reservation tools for booking conference rooms

Fishbone and ServiceNow - your HR partner powerhouse

ServiceNow offers digital and mobile-friendly workflows that unlock productivity and maximize the employee experience by minimizing the personal life to work life paradigm. They can make life at work a whole lot simpler, and even more enjoyable, for your teams.

By engaging with Fishbone’s HR Practice, you will benefit from our extensive HR domain experience, best practice recommendations and real-life experiences of our HR practitioners and implementation specialists.

We’ve got great news! ServiceNow, the leader in employee-experience platforms, can deliver on all of these employee tools. With an enterprise solution that will delight your employees and deliver on the ‘meaningful work’ quandary, ServiceNow brings productivity back to the workplace.

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